Today's Craze for Luxury Homes with Pools

Today's Craze for Luxury Homes with Pools

  • Suzie Wells
  • 08/27/21

I have to admit, I’ve seen witnessed some pretty wacky things in my 25 years of selling real estate, but this 2021 Covid pool craze may top the list! Nonetheless, the topic of today’s blog is less about Covid and more about how Covid has forced many homeowners to reconsider the value of their outdoor spaces at home. As the demand for pools surges for the second year amid canceled vacations and long days at home, homeowners have became desperate for pools, and I don’t mean just in-ground pools, I mean any kind of pool will do (that's a different story worth telling sometime).

I have fielded a multitude of calls from clients recently, seeking my professional advice on how a pool would affect their home value. As you might suspect, my response is always “If your heart is set on adding a pool, don’t look at it as an investment in your home, but in your lifestyle. A pool can add to your family’s enjoyment of your home, and you can’t put a price on that. As for resale, the demand for a pool is much higher today than it ever has been, so rest assured that when you are ready to sell, there will likely be more buyers searching for homes with pools than ever before...just prepare yourself for the 2-3 year wait list at the reputable pool companies!”

I really thought I had heard of it all, until I opened the The New York Times on the morning of August 6th to find an article titled “How About Renting My Pool For an Hour or Two?” Excuse me? Did I read that right? You must read for yourself....

Read the article Here


If you are looking for homes for sale in Frontenac MO and you find yourself craving a pool, check out this 4 bedroom house with pool (additional 5th bedroom in LL) and a fabulous new price of $2,099,000: 16 Outer Ladue Drive, Frontenac, MO


Here are some other available luxury homes with pools, above $1,000,000:

9847 Litzsinger Road, Ladue

2660 S. Warson Road, Ladue

7 Warson Hills, Ladue

5 Oakleigh Lane, Ladue

9847 Waterbury, Ladue

14 Fordyce Lane, Ladue

250 N. Price Road, Ladue

500 S. Warson Road, Ladue

1065 Cabin Club Lane, Ladue

42 Huntleigh Woods, Huntleigh

1 Denny Lane, Huntleigh

9 Frontenac Estates Drive, Frontenac

13 Georgetown, Chesterfield

2711 Covington Place Estates, Town & Country

13516 Weston Park Drive, Town & Country

3 Serendipity Circle, Town & Country

2 Masonridge Court, Town & Country

1108 Highland Pointe Drive, Town & Country

11 Long Meadows, Town & Country


If indoor pools are of interest to you, perhaps this Ladue home is for you - currently listed at $4,695,000

9801 Log Cabin Court, Ladue


Labor Day is just around the corner and despite the sweltering August heat in St. Louis, we must prepare for public pools to traditionally close for the season. If you are without a pool at home and looking to take a dip with the fam before Labor Day, here is where to find a public pool near you: Public Pools Near Me


If adding a pool to your home investment is in the cards, plan ahead, do your homework and allow me to share the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to reputable pool companies. Whether buying, selling or making home improvements, nothing is more gratifying than helping my clients make informed decisions - connect with Suzie Wells Real Estate today!  


Suzie's preferred pool specialists :

Pool Specialists            314-731-0055

Baker Pool and Spa     636-532-3133

Pool Tron                         314-428-1971




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